John Blue House
and Heritage Center

From the beautiful home to the structures and
homesteads that occupy the land, the grounds
provide a glimpse of the culture of the rural
Carolinas of the late 1800s.

John Blue Story
In 1883, at the age of 22, John Blue paid his father $2,000 for 100 acres of land. Two weeks later he married Flora Jane McKinnon. Together they built a beautiful home and life.
John Blue House
A magnificent example of Steamboat Gothic architecture, the century-old John Blue House provides a glimpse into an important part of Scotland County’s past.
John Blue Homesteads
Nestled in a grove of pecan trees, the John Blue House is the centerpiece of a collection of homesteads that tell the story of a different time in the region.
John Blue Structures
Adding to the grounds, you can visit structures that drove business of rural America, including a cotton gin, tobacco curing barn and an old-time country store.